Sekai's residence is a matching platform for overseas real estate owned by Japanese people.
Anyone can easily search for an overseas real estate that interests them with a simple system that simply registers the property and waits .

To you to sell the property

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Finding a new owner with no posting fee

You can list your property for free on the official website of Sekai's residence.
You don't have to start looking for an agent like you used to, and anyone can easily recruit new owners.

Consultation on property purchase

Sekai's residence also purchases properties, so you can consult about selling your real estate. Please feel free to contact us first when you let go of overseas real estate due to moving or inheritance.

Free consultation anytime via chat

An operator is resident and accepts questions via chat on the site.
Please feel free to ask any questions about the posting method or the interaction within the site.

Direct interaction with potential buyers

Customers can contact each other directly for properties listed in Sekai's residence. Since it does not go through agents, you can directly send the necessary questions and have the conversation proceed smoothly.

Posting plan

* 1 For owners who do not have time, we will enter the information necessary for posting the property on the official website.
* 2 You can increase the exposure by posting the property information in a prominent position on the official website.
* 3 Property information can be posted on SNS of Sekai's residence and recommendation emails to site members.

For you who want to buy a property

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Free support for property search

We can ask you about your budget, area, etc., and Sekai's residence can search for a property on your behalf. Even if the details have not been decided yet, please feel free to contact us via chat on the official website.

Wide range of support up to overseas moving

At Sekai's residence, we provide a wide range of support to meet the needs of our customers, from moving overseas to purchasing properties. Please feel free to contact us.

Full website

A wealth of property information is posted on the official website, and you can search for properties that meet your needs by specifying conditions. In addition, it is full of useful information such as the experiences of actual overseas real estate purchasers and migrants.

We also help with on-site inspection tours

We provide support for customers who want to actually check on-site before purchasing overseas real estate. Please contact us not only for adjusting the date and time of the visit, but also for arranging airline tickets and accommodation.


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Usage flow

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Information on alliance

Companies dealing with overseas real estate

We are always ready to discuss alliances with companies that handle overseas real estate. Please feel free to contact us as we provide support for listing properties and setting special commission rates.

Overseas delivery company

Sekai's residence supports users who move overseas, and we have a tie-up with a company that can handle moving to Asia, Europe and the United States. Please contact us for more information.

Various experts on real estate transactions

At Sekai's residence, users inquire about various problems related to overseas real estate. We are working with specialists such as real estate appraisers, lawyers, tax accountants, judicial scriveners, and land and house inspectors who are good at handling overseas real estate, and we are working together to resolve them, so feel free to contact us for new alliances. Please contact us.



はい、無料で掲載できます。 有料のオプションとして、面倒な入力作業をセカイの住まい事務局が代行したり、サイト上の目立つ位置に掲載するサービスもございます。


はい、ご相談いただければ、最適な物件を探すお手伝いをいたします。 公式サイト画面右下のチャットより、いつでもお気軽にご相談ください。






最低でも準備したい自己資金は、物件の購入に充当する頭金と諸費用の合計です。住宅ローンは物件価格の80%~90%程度が融資額の上限ですが、金融機関によっては、100%のローンや諸費用ローン等の利用ができる場合もあります。 お気軽に担当者までご相談ください。




場合によっては条件の交渉ができることがあります。 物件を登録しているオーナーへ直接ご相談ください。


はい、掲載できます。 掲載に必要な情報を揃えた上でお問い合わせください。